Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Today in class someone used the word "discombobulated" in a sentence. It's officially my new favorite word, and I'm about to use it in a sentence too...

Right now I am sitting in my stupid Political Science class. One of my favorite things in the world is to sit in a two and half hour lecture class and be forced to listen to a self-absorbed professor ramble about their political opinions and whatever else comes to mind...

That was sarcasm. Duh. This particular professor is racist. Not KKK racist, but clearly an old, White dude who is just clueless, and will never understand how racist his white-bred brain is. Oh, and he is sexist, although I'm sure he would disagree. A few minutes ago he was talking about post-civil war blah blah blah... and he said "If you were a Black...blah blah blah." The rest isn't important. It bothers me when people refer to a Black person as "a Black," as if they aren't human or a person, but something else. I mean, I have never been referred to as "a White." No one has ever said to me, "You are a White." No, rather I am a "White person." I am a person who happens to be White. But a Black person is "a Black."

Little people used to be called midgets, and no one thought it was a problem, except for little people. They felt like the term "midget" made them sound like a non-human, a freak. The new and politically correct term is "little person," because they are people just like everyone else, just smaller. Some people might think this change in terminology is stupid and making a big deal out of nothing. I think it's awesome.

I wouldn't refer to an Asian person as "an Asian. period." Use that in a sentence and see if it feels normal. Not so much. So why is it still okay to refer to a Black person as "a Black?" It's not, at least not to me.

Maybe someone would think this issue was incredibly trivial, but I don't think it is. Not when it stops me dead in my tracks when I read it or hear it. The whole thing is crazy to me, so unchecked and unquestioned. I am so... discombobulated :/

Republican presidential candidates in 2008. Notice anything similar about them?

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